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NOTE:  This Course is available in Pure Hindi Only (Written in Hindi + Explained In Hindi).

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About Authors

Ankit Kumar

Our in-house faculty - Philosophy

  • M.A (Philosophy)
  • Passion for teaching and has a considerable amount of experience with both online and offline
  • More than 3 years of experience

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Course Content

Indian Philosophy

  • Philosophy of Charvaak By Ankit Kumar

  • Philosophy of Buddhism By Ankit Kumar

  • Philosophy of Jainism By Ankit Kumar

  • Philosophy of Sankhya By Ankit Kumar

  • Philosophy of Yogisme By Ankit Kumar

  • Philosophy of Vaisheshika By Ankit Kumar

  • Philosophy of Nyaya By Ankit Kumar

  • Philosophy of Mimamsa By Ankit Kumar

  • Philosophy of Shri Arivand By Ankit Kumar

  • Philosophy of Vedant By Ankit Kumar

Western Philosophy

  • Kant By Ankit Kumar

  • Kierkegaard By Sampathi Rao

  • Quine By Ankit Kumar

  • Sartre By Ankit Kumar

  • Locke By Ankit Kumar

  • Plato By Ankit Kumar

  • Berkeley By Ankit Kumar

  • Marxism By Ankit Kumar

  • Heidegger By Ankit Kumar

  • Descartes By Ankit Kumar

  • Leibniz By Ankit Kumar

  • Willgenstein By Ankit Kumar

  • Stranson By Ankit Kumar

  • Spinoza By Ankit Kumar

  • Hegel By Ankit Kumar

  • Husserl By Ankit Kumar

  • Hume By Ankit Kumar

Socio-Political Philosophy

  • Social and Political Ideas – Equality, Justice, Liberty By Ankit Kumar

  • Sovereignty – Austin, Laski, Kautliya By Ankit Kumar

  • Individual and State- Duties and accountability By Ankit Kumar

  • Forms of Government – Monarchy Theory and Democracy By Ankit Kumar

  • Political Ideologies – Anarchism, Marxism and Socialism By Ankit Kumar

  • Humanism – Secularism, Multiculturalism By Ankit Kumar

  • Crime and Punishment – Corruption, Mass violence, Genocide, Capital Punishment By Ankit Kumar

  • Development and Social Progress By Ankit Kumar

  • Gender Discrimination – Female Foreticide, land and Property Rights, Empowerment By Ankit Kumar

  • Discrimination – Gandhi and Ambedkar By Ankit Kumar

Philosophy of Religion

  • Nations of God – Attributes, Relation to Man and the World (Indian and Western) By Ankit Kumar

  • Proofs for the Existence of God and their critique (Indian and Western) By Ankit Kumar

  • Problem of Evil By Ankit Kumar

  • Soul, Immortality , Rebirth and Liberation By Ankit Kumar

  • Reason – Revelation and faith By Ankit Kumar

  • Religious Experience – Nature and object (Indian and Western) By Ankit Kumar

  • Religion without God By Ankit Kumar

  • Religion and Morality By Ankit Kumar

  • Religious Pluralism and the Problem of Absolute Truth By Ankit Kumar

  • of Religious Language – Analogical and Symbolic congitiuist and Non - congnitive By Ankit Kumar

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