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Study IQ offers the best online coaching through its Pendrive courses for the preparation of Geography. Switch your learning to e-learning from top faculties of India and make your education digital that too with a comfort of home. The Pendrive Course will be beneficial for UPSC GEOGRAPHY OPTIONAL, UGC NET GEOGRAPHY, State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) Geography Exam, State Service Exam - Geography Optional, B. A. Geography.

NOTE:  This Course is available in Hinglish Only (Written in English + Explained In Hindi).

Exam Covered

About Authors

Bhumika Saini

Senior Faculty, Economics & Geography

  • BTech from NIT Jaipur.
  • UPSC 2016 & 2017 All India Rank Holder
  • Cleared UPSC Mains 5 Times With Geography As Optional Subject.
  • Faced three times interview with the RBI for Grade B.
  • A considerable amount of experience with both online and offline teaching spanning over tens of hundreds of hours.

Demo Videos

Course Content

Physical Geography

  • Geomorphology By Bhumika Saini

  • Climatology By Bhumika Saini

  • Oceanography By Bhumika Saini

  • Biogeography By Bhumika Saini

  • Environmental Geography By Bhumika Saini

Human Geography

  • Perspectives in Human Geography By Bhumika Saini

  • Economic Geography By Bhumika Saini

  • Population and Settlement Geography By Bhumika Saini

  • Regional Planning By Bhumika Saini

  • Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography By Bhumika Saini

Geography Of India

  • Physical Setting By Bhumika Saini

  • Resources By Bhumika Saini

  • Agriculture By Bhumika Saini

  • Industry By Bhumika Saini

  • Transport, Communication and Trade By Bhumika Saini

  • Cultural Setting By Bhumika Saini

  • Settlements By Bhumika Saini

  • Regional Development and Planning By Bhumika Saini

  • Political Aspects By Bhumika Saini

  • Contemporary Issues By Bhumika Saini

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