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Ankit Agrawal

In House Faculty

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  • What are Super Crops? How 17 new biofortified varieties of 8 crops will fight malnutrition in India?
  • Demand for Greater Tipraland raised by royal scion Pradyot Kishore in Tripura - Know all about it
  • Stock Market Crash know the reasons behind it - Relation between Bond Yield & Equity Return
  • Gujarat’s Disturbed Areas Act explained - New amendments give more power to the Collector
  • IAEA Iran Nuclear Inspection Deal - Iran agrees to nuclear inspection - Will US lift sanctions?
  • UP CM Yogi unveils Largest Oxygen Plant of Uttar Pradesh - Know all about it
  • Is India currently witnessing a second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic? Status of Covid 19 in India
  • Meat free school meals spark controversy in France - Why was meat removed from school menu?
  • How many Indians pay income tax? IT department clarifies PM Modi’s claim, Current Affairs 2020
  • Union Budget 2021 - What is Asset Reconstruction Company or Bad Bank?
  • GST Composition Shortfall - Centre offers to borrow Rs 1.1 lakh crore and lend to states
  • Disha Ravi gets bail in toolkit case - What Delhi court said on Sedition & Freedom of Speech?
  • RBI Sixth Bimonthly Monetary Policy 2020-21, RBI predicts Indian GDP growth at 10.5% in FY22
  • Kalyani M4 Vehicle - Army places Emergency procurement order for Kalyani M4 armoured vehicles
  • How Burma became Myanmar? Why USA still refers to Myanmar as Burma? History of Myanmar
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